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Agricultural building conversion

Wickhambreaux, Kent

Residential; Class Q Permitted Development

100 sqm
Agricultural Building Conversion

2A1M_Farm Class Q 06.jpg

Working with 2A1M was a joy, they skilfully guided the project through a very complex statutory maze while maintaining focus on the design throughout. The final outcome is fantastic, couldn’t be happier! 

- James, Client

2A1M were approached by a local farmer with a brief to convert two small agricultural buildings, perched on a chalk ridge in the Kent countryside, into a new home for him and his dog. The existing structures were in a derelict state, comprised of two main volumes: a small brick walled barn with a double pitch roof and an abutting steel framed, single pitch corrugated metal shed. 

The scheme was achieved through a Class Q Planning Application, from agricultural building to residential use, and involved forensic analysis of the parts of the structure that could feasibly be reused, upgraded and re-built in order to ensure a high-quality building, while maintaining the characteristic form and appearance conditioned by the local authorities.

The end result is a cosy and spatially varied single storey dwelling that fits seamlessly with the local vernacular and provides an ideally placed, modern home for the client. The kitchen, living and dining rooms benefit from the vaulted ceiling and expansive views across the landscape. Whilst the bedrooms are all located in the volume that was previously a shed. The external materials have stayed faithful to the corrugated steel and brick of the original building but have been carefully re-designed to provide rhythm and robustness. 

The imposing series of planning and structural restrictions would have put many clients and architects off, but the scheme elegantly demonstrates how creatively and pro-actively engaging with restrictions can result in a unique, generous and characterful outcome.

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