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Planning Application Submitted in the Green Belt

We have recently submitted an application for a garden studio in the AONB and Green Belt, for a site located to the north of Bath.

Our clients expansive garden is sloped to the south, with an unusable garage located at the bottom. They are therefore hoping to replace their garage with a new studio, including a gym and playroom for their two children.

Our submitted proposal utilises the change in levels of the garden to create an informal seating area, situated under a new timber canopy.

The layout ensures privacy to and from the studio, with windows directing views back towards the house. This animated timber elevation is in contrast to the staggered rubble walls adjacent to the public footpath, with the stepped roofline ensuring a less overbearing form for neighbours and privacy for our clients.

We explore the project in more detail and run through our early design options in a previous blogpost.

We are looking forward to getting this project out of planning and onto site!


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