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A Studio in the Green Belt

We are currently working on design options for a tricky (but beautiful!) site located in the AONB and Green Belt, located to the north of Bath.

Our clients expansive garden is sloped to the south, with an unusable garage located at the bottom. They are therefore hoping to replace their garage with a new studio, including a gym and playroom for their two children.

Although large, their garden is impractical, with considerable areas overlooked and disconnected. The new studio aims to link the north and south of the garden, creating a much more private and connected space.

The existing garage borders the south of the site, sandwiched between the formal garden of the main house and agricultural buildings of the nearby farm. The new studio therefore needs to respond to this, allowing for domestic use whilst also preserving the agricultural character of the area and retaining the openness of the Green belt.

Our early sketches aim for a relaxed informality between the studio and its surroundings. Seeking privacy whilst also providing the much needed additional space for their family.

Garden Studios

Maximising space is a constant pursuit for homeowners and, with so many not wanting to move right now, we are finding many of our clients are looking at other ways they can creatively use of what they already have. Gardens have previously been overlooked for this solution, however a garden studio can present a great opportunity to utilise outdoor space efficiently. They also offer versatility of use, from ‘work from home’ offices through to gyms, or simply as independent spaces for family members to seek some privacy.

As families grow and hobbies evolve, the need for extra space can become increasingly apparent. Instead of facing the hassle and cost of moving, or the disruption caused by extending, garden studios can be a great investment. They also provide the opportunity to do something special, rather than simply be bought ‘off the shelf’. Garden studios designed by an architect have the potential to be unique buildings which respond to individual family needs, as well as their surroundings and landscape.

We are really looking forward to see how this studio project develops! Get in touch, here, if you have your own studio project you would like to discuss.


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