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WSA UNIT 10 : Retrospective

“People have too much knowledge already…. The more education people get the more difficult they are to manage.”

Hostility encountered by William Ewart upon introducing his Public Libraries Bill of 1849

WSA Unit 10 Oluwatobi Ladipo
Oluwatobi Ladipo

The dust has settled, and it feels like the right time to celebrate the fantastic work of our Students at the Welsh School of Architecture Unit 10. It has been a long and intriguing year as they have hunted down the architectural essence of the library and inserted their proposals into the rapidly changing context of the Temple Quarter in Bristol.

The variety and quality of the proposals are testament to the creativity, imagination, and skill of our third year students. They have carefully knitted together a disparate urban area under which the tectonic plates of development are rapidly shifting, and looked with curiosity, and without judgement, at the realities of modern urban regeneration.

From soaring icons to subterranean foundations, each proposal is equally a rendering of the architectural character of its creator and a response to a complex and challenging brief.

Unit 10 is run by Josh Wyles of 2A1M Studio and Siobhan O'Keeffe and Ryan Roberts of OR Architecture.

If you would like to know more about any of the students, including employment opportunities, please do get in touch.


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