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Rear extension goes in for Planning

2A1M has recently submitted a planning application for a small single storey rear extension in Bradford-on-Avon.

Our clients have lived in their house for over 10 years and, as their children grow older, will be needing more space. They approached 2A1M to explore different alternatives for an extension that would achieve their ambitions.

The proposal includes the demolition of the existing low-quality conservatory that locks in the living room, making it feel dark and gloomy. A new rear extension will accommodate a new kitchen and dining room, which will provide a better connection to the garden. It will also create a smaller, more private courtyard which will allow for views and daylight into the other rooms of the house.

The rear extension incorporates a curved wall that not only allows a smoother transition from the patio into the garden, but also avoids the tree root protection zone of the existing magnolia tree. This curved wall makes the internal space feel more dynamic, with a “360” view of the garden from living, kitchen and dining into their garden.

Different configurations of materials and roof shapes were explored. There was a clear preference for a zinc extension with the roof combination of flat and mono-pitch.

A set of clerestory windows is proposed at the intersection between the flat roof and the highest point of the mono-pitch to maximise the daylight without compromising privacy or overlooking into neighbours’ gardens.

Very exciting project to be involved in, we are looking forward to the next stage!

Proposed ground floor plan

Zinc extension with lantern roof

Timber cladding with green flat roof

Brick with flat and mono-pitch roof

Side elevation of proposed extension

Rear elevation of proposed extension


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