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Planning Permission granted for small timber extension

2A1M has recently obtained planning approval for a small infill timber extension in Dorset.

Our clients recently moved in into their house and wanted to improve the internal layout. The existing low-quality conservatory locks in the living room, which makes this space feel dark and gloomy. The conservatory is of very poor construction, which makes it unusable throughout most of the year. The kitchen is small and outdated.

Sometimes demolishing a space does not mean it needs to get replaced with something else. In this case, getting rid of the conservatory makes the living room lighter and more connected to the garden. Opening up the kitchen and dining room also makes a better use of the space. The infill side extension allows access from the new utility to the garage and also houses a new shower room.

The existing uninsulated porch is being replaced, using the same timber cladding as the rear extension.

An external canopy is also proposed to provide a sheltered outside space.

This project is a good example of how small changes can make a big difference!

Our clients live in Dorset and most of our meetings were done virtually, showing how technology these days makes remote work possible and successful too.

We are looking forward to seeing this built!


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