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Planning permission granted for Bradford-on-Avon project

We are delighted to say that planning permission has been granted for a large extension to a period property in Bradford-on-Avon. The scheme replaces poor quality additions to the original building; a garage, kitchen, and conservatory, with a suite of bright new spaces that open up the rear of the property to the garden and provide the large, open, integrated living spaces that are lacking in the original.

Externally, careful positioning of the additions re-prioritises the original façade and helps resolve a tricky entrance sequence.

Internally, a gradual erosion of the four-square plan and change of materiality, coupled with increasing light levels, define a loosening of the experience as one progresses through the formal entrance towards the rear of the house. Most importantly there is an injection of fun for the client’s growing family and a departure from the rather austere character of the original.

Can’t wait to get stuck into Stage 4!


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