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Options for a 'Third Space'

Capturing and animating the spectacular evening light in a south facing rear extension was the key qualitative requirement of the brief for this south-facing rear extension. By using glazing and an expressed timber frame to create a dynamic play of interior shadows, the re-modelled living spaces at the rear of the house intimately connect the inhabitant’s experience to the cycles of the days and seasons.

The scheme also couples the programme of the proposal to natural rhythms by creating a ‘third space’ between house and the garden that’s use changes through the year; at times feeling like a covered part of the garden and at times like an extension to the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Through careful placement of screens and insulating fabric, the dimensions of the interior will ‘breathe’, opening out and drawing in as the weather changes.

The proposal sits on the edge of the green belt and benefits from spectacular views across the valleys of north-east Somerset. The project is in the early sketch design phase but has great potential to link the resident’s life and habits to the wider landscape.


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