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If there is no need to extend…

Then don't!

Our clients approached us because they felt their house needed some rethinking. They love their house and the location. With house prices on the rise, our clients did not want to move, however, they wanted to improve the existing space.

We soon realised that lack of space was not an issue, but poor distribution was. The internal spaces felt disconnected between each other. The living room had no views to the outside and this made the space feel dark and gloomy. The stairs divided the living space in an awkward way.

Existing layout - Constraints and Opportunities

We suggested knocking down walls and re-shuffling things around, which resulted in an entirely different and exciting space. The kitchen was moved from the front of the house to the back, thus improving the relationship between the kitchen, dining and living areas. The stairs no longer feel like they disrupt the space. Overall, the proposed layout will make the house feel like an entirely different and improved home.

2A1M Domestic Refurbishment
Proposed layout

Following our previous post (which you can read here), internal alterations have the added benefit that a Planning Permission is unlikely to be needed, unless they fall under certain exceptions (for example a Listed Status). This not only saves money, but also avoids the 8-week decision wait.

Not having an extension built will have a great impact on the cost savings of a project, and although internal alterations can also be expensive, this is likely to be down to specification (low vs high-end products).

Work is still in progress, so stay tuned to see what we can achieve without extending or requiring planning permission!

2A1M Domestic refurbishment
Proposed Section


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