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Challenging the cube in Weston-Super-Mare

Height, light and a generous workshop are the key elements of the brief for this multi-generation home in Weston-Super-Mare. The four-square nature and low ceilings of the existing building results in dark, cramped circulation in the middle of the plan with the rooms arranged against the external walls, separated by the central corridors.

Our initial options seek to increase the flow between rooms and provide a greater degree of spatial variety for the occupants. Circulation is eroded and floors are removed allowing light to penetrate the depth of the plan and large window features are inserted into the skin of the building, challenging the four-square massing.

The systole and diastole effect of moving between the low, tight spaces of the original design and the new expansive spaces, will provide a flexible and dynamic experience for the inhabitants. This sequence also defines the separate zones that are created for each of the three generations, respecting privacy and choice, while also providing the core central areas where family life comes together.

It will be interesting to see where the design settles in Stage 3!


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