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Carlingcott Barn Extension

Folded into the foothills of the Mendips, a loose collection of vernacular agricultural buildings and a stately Methodist chapel organised around a traditional village centre, form the picturesque village of Carlingcott. Our site sits at the top of the slope, benefiting from fine views over the surrounding countryside and regarding the village as a scattered collection of tiled roofs.

Our client’s residence is a small converted barn and stable, cut into the slope and presenting its narrow gable end to the views below. An increase in time spent at home, both living and working, has highlighted some difficult programmatic adjacencies and shortfalls in the fabric of the building. The wide ranging brief looks to provide dedicated space for the resident’s activities, improve solar gains by opening the house to the abundant south light and contribute to the strong form and character of the building in a way that fits with the curtilage of the Grade II listed chapel.

Option 01 : Tower

A studio space in a tower, providing views and light, insulating the spaces below and improving the general circulation.

Option 02 : Cloister

A thermal wrap and occupiable corridor. Again, improving circulation.

Option 03: Roof

Replacing a poorly performing thermal element with a new dynamic roof form allowing solar gains, providing a dynamic roof form and animating the spaces below.


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