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A simple solution for a Listed Building

We are very pleased to have recently obtained Planning Approval for a rear extension to a Listed Building in Keynsham.

Our clients have lived in this Grade II Listed Building for quite a long time, and whilst they love their house, they felt some areas did not meet their currently requirements.

Existing rear elevation

Propose rear elevation

The brief aimed to solve two main issues: the lack of space around the rear entrance and very tight and unsafe access into the kitchen; and to provide a garden studio that could be used throughout the year as a workshop and garden storage. The solution was a very simple rear extension which addressed both issues. The extension will provide additional space to alleviate the clutter in the stairs area; whilst also providing a workshop room that can be used all year round.

The extension respects the main listed building, with very little intervention to the main house.

The proposed extension is a series of glazing panels, bookended with two stone walls. The glazing allows the views from the existing kitchen to be maintained, as well as the daylight levels.

Two round windows with brick surroundings are proposed on the stone walls, which is a nod to the existing brick arched casement windows.

Existing (left) and Proposed (right) side elevation

Our client is very keen to get started on the next stage, stay tuned for further exciting updates!


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