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A little extension for a growing family

Looking back at one of our early projects. We were approached by our client who wished to extend their semi-detached home. With their family growing and the change in working patterns, more space was clearly needed.

Our proposals followed our standard process of establishing a brief, analysing the site, identifying the constraints and opportunities, and exploring different options varying in scale.

House Extension 2A1M Studio Architects
Existing and Proposed ground floor plan

Maximising the available space was a main consideration. By changing the position of the front door we were able to create a more useful and spacious entrance lobby for coats and boots. A new utility connects the entrance with the kitchen, allowing views towards the garden when entering the home.

Different options were explored for the roof height and shape. As a result, a mezzanine was considered which could connect the kids bedrooms in a fun and unique way.

Externally, the proposal was to use bricks as the main material but in a different colour to differentiate the existing vs the new. Colour accents were used to highlight the entrance and window reveals.

We really enjoyed working on this one!


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