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A Gym That Feels A Bit Like A Pub

2A1M Studio Bristol Co-operative Gym photo completed

The Bristol Co-operative Gym have now completed the fit out of their new home on the third floor of Bricks latest social enterprise at St Anne’s House in Bristol and are enjoying the benefits of having a permanent, super-stylish home.

Run strictly as a members co-operative and underpinned at all times by their founding aims of accessibility and inclusivity, the Gym offers a culture free from judgement and assumptions about identity and appearance.

From the outset, 2A1M Studio worked closely with the entire Co-operative to deliver an affordable, functional fit out based on legibility and adaptability and with a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for members to relax, chat and foster the unique culture and community at the heart of the gym.

The former office space was rationalised and adapted, with existing assets such as the generous window façade and hidden shuttered concrete soffit revealed and promoted. The design provides deep textured reveals to the windows that identify the gym from outside. Unsightly services on the window elevation have been hidden inside an occupiable, deep storage wall, able to house the multitude of oddly shaped (and very heavy) equipment required for the free weight sessions.

Expertly fabricated and installed by our amazing joiner friends at Hot Soup House, the fit-out is opportunistic, playful, and committed to the Gym’s ethos of inclusivity, we hope it helps this wonderful organisation to thrive for many years to come.


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