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Bristol Co-operative Gym: Grand Opening

At the end of September we had the pleasure of visiting St Anne’s House for Bristol Co-operative Gym’s grand opening. It was great to see the co-op members enjoying the space, and seeing the first stage of the joinery installation complete.

When we first visited St Anne’s back in August 2021 and had a look around the room the gym had taken ownership of, we all felt really inspired by the large windows and hidden away head room. The blank canvas and school-like qualities were undoubtedly daunting, but we were certain we could design a space the Co-op would not only be proud of, but would encompass their core values.

Seeing the members enjoying the studio, sitting in the window seats and occupying such a welcoming and inclusive space felt even more special than we first imagined. We can’t wait to see the next phase installed, which will see the entrance to the gym improved and some (much needed!) shoe storage provided.

It has been such a pleasure to work with the co-op members and design their dream gym.


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