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An Exploration of Roofscape

2A1M have explored possible uses for the roof of St Anne’s House, run by Bricks. Bricks Bristol is a social enterprise that supports and provides an inclusive space for creative communities.

St Anne’s House has seen a number of uses, originally built for St Anne’s Board Mill in the early 1900s, then serving as council offices from the 1980s until 2017. It stood empty until Bristol City Council and St Mungo’s initiated the city’s first 24-hour homeless shelter in 2019. Bricks took on the building in 2021.

The building has a formal repetitive facade, typical of the early 1900s commercial architecture and the modern block. The building’s cuboidal form provides a large expanse of roof, which we believe can be utilised and harnessed as an asset for Bricks.

Our proposal explores possible uses for this roofscape, providing playful propositions that link to Bricks’ ethos. Take a look at our full proposal on ISSUU here.


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